"I've really enjoyed the course. I've loved trying the new recipes and I really love the 'freestyle section' as it showed just how versatile the dishes can be. I also really enjoyed the organisation/mindset part of the course too. I never knew I needed an organised freezer, but it's fab! No more rifling through unidentified frozen objects and trying to work out what they are!! Thanks Gemma for reigniting my love of cooking."

"my husband has just completed his first ever dish on his Cook With Gem course ... I thought he was going to ‘take his leave’ but he kept going and is blown away with the result. It’s actually the loveliest meal I’ve had since Rick Stein’s 2019. From crashing pans in panic he is now talking about hosting a dinner party!"

"I'm so pleased I signed up, I've never spent money on something like this for myself before but the timing was perfect. You can tell how much work has gone into everything as it is so easy to use and really shows an insight into how busy families like ours need to cook!"

make this the year we change the way you cook forever...

The growth in confidence, enjoyment and skills of the people who've taken this online course has blown me (and them!) away. Now it is your turn to work with me and change the way you cook forever. Just think how proud you'll feel and the years of cooking you'll enjoy.

As thanks for being on my waitlist, you have this early chance to sign up and receive 25% off the regular course price. The first 10 people to sign up will also get a bonus spot to gift to a friend.

To take part and learn from me, click on one of the red buttons below and either sign up to take the 8 week online course or go all-in and save on the cost of an annual membership and access to all my online courses and monthly support and inspiration once the course ends. I won't be running this course again until Spring 2022 so don't miss your chance.

The skills you will learn with my support

Bringing together all the tips and tricks I've developed and shared in 9 years of teaching face to face cooking classes, I've created this online course to fill the gaps I see in people's skills and confidence.

By the end of the 8 week course you will have mastered how to:

  • Balance flavour, texture and temperature to make every meal delicious.
  • Make the most of every minute and every penny you spend in the kitchen.
  • Enjoy cooking and have confidence that what you make will be something you're proud of.
  • Make a delicious meal when you're faced with a seemingly random bunch of ingredients.
  • Sort and stock your store cupboard.
  • Make a roasting pan dinner and add finishing flourishes to make a throw-it-in-the-oven meal taste extra special.
  • Organise and manage your freezer and fridge.
  • Shop efficiently.
  • Braise and slow cook and the tricks to turn these easy meals up a notch.
  • Make quick, healthy meals in a frying pan or skillet.
  • Organise your kitchen and use the correct tools so you’re a quicker, more efficient cook.
  • Deal with the emotions and influences that stop us enjoying cooking.
  • Make vegetables so delicious they will be the first part of the meal to disappear.

Just think how proud you'll feel for making time to invest in learning all that. And the impact it will have on you and those around you for years to come.

''Thank you, thank you, I absolutely LOVED it! I can't tell you how much confidence and understanding it has given me.

I love that there is no pressure, just gentle and fun encouragement. 

I really appreciate your style of cooking and your style of teaching. It's so natural that it feels like you've got a mate round talking it through! I've learnt so many tips and tricks that I now do naturally.''

"I didn’t think I needed this course. I have 200 cookbooks and think I know a fair amount about food. However, I now realise that I was just good at following recipes. This course has taught me to really think about flavour, has made me so much more confident to adapt things to my taste and really has reignited my love of cooking (which had increasingly become a chore). This course is so much more than recipes, you are somehow able to magically lay the foundations for anyone to become an instinctive, confident cook without even knowing it."

Do you want to...

Have something positive to focus on and look forward to over the next couple of months.

Become a calm, creative, instinctive and confident cook who enjoys mealtimes.

Make time to cook and make the most of your time in the kitchen.

Get the social experience of a cooking class without leaving home or having to be anywhere at a set time.

Enjoy learning new skills from the comfort of your own home at a time and pace that suits you.

Improve your knife skills and learn essential cooking techniques while making delicious meals.

Sort out and stock your kitchen to save time and money.

Learn the quick ways to balance flavour, texture and temperature to easily elevate every meal.

Get out of a rut with your meal times.

Enjoy meal times for years to come and deal with any negative emotions that crop up.

Confidently freestyle and cope when things go pear shaped or when you don't have a recipe.

Be supported to keep the momentum going even when life has other plans?

"I’m so proud of how much more confident I feel now, specially when it comes to combining ingredients. Before, I would follow a recipe and if I didn’t have one of the ingredients, I would panic and run to the shop to get it. Now I know how to substitute ingredients if I have something missing in my kitchen."

"I was in need of inspiration and your enthusiasm, together with your tips and tricks, has been a great stimulus to waken my dull, ‘same old, same old’ cooking. I’m also feeling more able to make substitutions. Previously if I read a recipe and didn’t have all the ingredients, or maybe didn’t like one of them, I would pass the recipe over. Now I feel I can have the courage to swap things"

Let me help you make a lasting change to the way you cook.

By joining this course, you'll get my support and guidance to make real progress in changing how you cook.

Every week I'll take you one step closer to becoming a calm, creative and confident cook. Every week you'll learn a new cooking technique as well as the organisation skills to make your time in the kitchen efficient and rewarding.

The 8 week course is structured so that you can learn, practice and develop skills at a time and pace that suits you. There are 6 weeks of lessons and 2 catch-up weeks at the end of the course so that you have time to fit things in even if life is busy.

12 exclusive video lessons

- 6x 30 minute cooking class videos. Each video gives you a step by step lesson from me in how to make a different meal, covering a range of recipes and techniques which will provide the foundations and flourishes for all your cooking

- 6 x 20 minute quick-win organisation and mindset videos

Watch the videos on the members only website at any time to suit you. You'll have access to them forever to refer back to.

6 x printable booklets

With worksheets and recipes to accompany the videos and give you ideas of how to freestyle and deal with allergies and substitutions.

3 x 30 minute LIVE group q&a sessions on Zoom

Join me on Zoom every couple of weeks and I'll answer questions, catch up with how you're doing, fix things you're struggling with and celebrate your successes. 

Live Zoom Q&A calls will last 30 minutes and will be at 8pm UK time (12 midday PST) - either join live or watch back later on the members-only website. 

Access to a members-only Facebook group and Instagram page

Where I will be on hand every weekday to answer your questions. Where you can connect and share with the other people on the course as well as those who have taken the course before.

Don't miss your chance

I will only be running the course twice a year to allow me to give everyone who signs up my daily support to make real progress. This course will start on 23rd September but you can catch up at any time.

I won't be running the course again until Spring 2022 so don't miss out.

Invest to change the way you cook forever

If you prefer to pay in $ you will have the option to select currency once you click the red button.

Option 1

Pay the £160 waitlist discounted course fee in one go. Click the red COURSE PAY IN FULL button.

Option 2

Pay £300 for annual membership which includes the course and save £360. Once the course has ended you'll be invited to join me to keep on working together for a further 12 months as a Cook with Gem VIP. Click the red GET COURSE + ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP button.

As a VIP we'll build on what you've learned in the course. You'll get monthly exclusive cooking videos and recipes, seasonal entertaining menus and guides, live zoom calls, daily access to me to answer any questions as well as access to a range of courses run by chefs and experts in areas like fermentation, fresh pasta and sourdough.

Sign up by 11pm BST (3pm PST) Wednesday 15th September to pay this special waitlist price. After that the course will cost £200 (or 2x £110 instalments) and the annual membership will cost £320.

Any questions? Head to my FAQ page.