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This is for any level of cook - that may sound vague but my 10 years of teaching mixed ability classes means that I demonstrate and explain what I'm sharing in a way that allows everyone to get value from it. Often the people who have been cooking the longest are the ones who don't realise they have not been doing things in the most efficient or instinctive way!

In every recipe I demonstrate, I start from scratch. There will be no pre-peeled onions or ready chopped things. I'll show you quickly and efficiently how to master every step of the process from shopping and organising to chopping, cooking, serving, storing and re-heating.

If you are a really experienced cook, this will help you get out of a rut, expand your repertoire, freestyle with confidence and learn new ways to tackle things you've always done without questioning why. Rather than wading through your cookbooks, you'll have inspiration delivered to you in a way you can  really make progress. And we'll have lots of fun along the way!

If you are a less confident cook you'll have the reassurance of my support and experience as your confidence grows, knowing that what you cook will work. You'll get quicker and more efficient, learning how to freestyle as you work through the course with me.

Whatever your level, investing this money and time in yourself to learn in a fun and supportive environment will change the way you cook.

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In a word - nope.

I've taken a few courses that were all live tutorials and found it hard to fit in with the madness of a busy week. I fell behind and felt frustrated.

So I've purposefully designed this course to be one that you can do at times and pace that suit you. Most of the elements are pre-recorded so I can ensure amazing production values and ensure every point that I know you will need is covered. You'll have access to all the materials forever so you can refer back whenever you need.

The only live sessions are the Q&A sessions which will be group Zoom calls. If you can't join live, don't worry. You can submit questions in advance via email and you will also be able to watch them back as they'll be saved after in the members-only website and facebook group.

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Nothing will change with the meal plans, recipes and shopping lists you receive if you're already signed up to that service.

Think of the meal plans helping you decide WHAT to cook. This course will help you master HOW to cook.

This 8 week course is designed to either stand alone or sit alongside the meal plans and recipe service. It will allow me to give you much more personal daily support, in depth cooking lessons via video and direct contact to help you take the steps you need to really enjoy cooking and bring new recipes to life. 


  • Get my ongoing support as you invest in yourself to become the cook you want to be
  • Learn from home at a pace and time that suits you with no need to rush anywhere
  • Get access to recipes, exclusive cooking class videos and organisation tutorials 
  • Be part of a supportive group as you make progress.

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You can pay the cost of the course in 2x monthly instalments. The first instalment will be taken the day you sign up, the second a month after. There is a small admin fee to cover this.

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I'll be teaching a wide range of techniques and videos using all sorts of ingredients, including meat and fish. Every recipe comes with suggestions for how to make it work for vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free eaters. I'll also be on hand to answer questions about any other restrictions you're dealing with.

Some demonstrations will include meat/fish and if that bothers you, I can let you know which bits to fast forward through.

If you have a diet that excludes certain foods, this will be so useful as it will give you the confidence to know how to make every meal delicious and get the most out of any substitutions you use without feeling you're missing out.

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I get it, I'm a busy working mum and I know that taking time for anything new has to really be worth it. This will be. This investment of time will save you weeks of time in the years to come. It is designed to be flexible to fit the time you have.

You won't be made to feel frustrated or overwhelmed because that's rubbish. Instead, the materials are designed so you can keep making small steps forward that add up to big changes over the 8 weeks.

Over the 8 weeks, you should expect to spend a total of 8 hours of learning time - watching the videos and reading the materials. This can be slotted in whenever suits you - either in a bigger chunk every couple of weeks or a few 30 minute bursts each week. 

Then it is up to you how much time you spend putting everything you learn into place. The course is designed so that your actions take place while you're doing cooking you'd be doing anyway so they shouldn't add more time to your day.

There are 2 weeks during the course where you can catch up, still with my support.

You'll also have time to chat to me and everyone else on the course via the facebook group or Insta page and live Q&As.

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My current course is full. My next course will go on sale in December 2021 and will start in mid January 2022. You'll get a new set of materials every week, for 6 weeks after that. Then there will be 2 catch up weeks before the course ends. You will have lifetime access to the materials on a members-only website so can catch up at any time. 

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The course materials will be hosted in a members only website. When you sign up you will be asked to set up a username and password to access this. 

When you sign up you will receive an email with details of how to join the private facebook group and instagram page. If you prefer not to use either of these you will still have access to all the materials on the website.

Each week of the course, I will add a new set of videos and PDFs as well as details of live zoom calls to the members website.

You will also receive emails to let you know when the materials are uploaded to the site.

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Previous course participants include a wide range of people from retired people living alone to families with small babies.

Families come in all shapes and sizes and with a huge range of dietary needs. Everything I'll teach you will work whether you're cooking for 1 or 10 people, I'll explain how to adjust things and will share practical tips to help you cook for whoever is at your table (or sofa).

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Of course! I've got people who've taken my courses in the US, Dubai, Australia and throughout Europe. All the recipes come with US and UK measurements, ingredient names and temperatures.

To keep things simpler and reduce the number of buttons, I've used UK pricing. If you click on the button to pay, you will be given the option to pay in dollars or pounds.

All live Q&A sessions will be scheduled to work for UK and US times.

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If after 7 days of signing up you decide you would like a refund, please get in touch. I won't be offering any refunds after 7 days under any circumstances.

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How lovely. I'd love that. Why not take advantage of my 'learn with a friend' offer and pay just £50 more to learn together.

When you sign up you'll get a confirmation email from me. Just reply to that and let me know who the gift is for, what their email address is and when it is ok for me to contact them and I will set them up to receive the materials.

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Yes of course. Please send me an email or DM and we can chat about other options.